Matthew Farmer

In a recent ten-month period, Matt Farmer, who primarily practices criminal defense and plaintiffs’ civil rights, won federal jury acquittals for four different clients charged with a total of 40 federal criminal offenses ranging from conspiracy to public corruption. Amid these criminal trials, he also won a two million dollar federal jury verdict for a physician who had been arrested and maliciously prosecuted for a crime, Medicaid fraud, she did not commit. During his career, Matt, a cum laude graduate of Princeton, has also obtained federal civil rights jury verdicts in favor of a local high school teacher and a Florida college professor, and obtained civil rights verdicts and settlements for a political activist arrested after speaking publicly about the policies of a local police department, another college professor who was falsely arrested, a woman of the Sikh faith who was fired for wearing her religious garb to work, and a disabled man who was notoriously dumped from his wheelchair by a guard at the local jail. Matt’s published appellate victories include an acquittal on appeal following a conviction for the federal crime of RICO conspiracy, and the reversal of a conviction for first degree murder because of the violation of his client’s constitutional rights during trial.